in Toruń


Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Finland in Toruń

Droga Starotoruńska 5
87 -100 Toruń, Poland
phone.: +48 609 22 99 00
e-mail: konsul@kf7.pl
e-mail: asystent@kf7.pl


Official language: Finnish, Swedish
Capital: Helsinki
Total area: 338, 424 km2
Political system: Parliamentary Republic
President: Sauli Niinistӧ from 2012
Prime Minister: Jyrki Katainen
Religion: Lutheranism 79,9%
Population: 5,4 mln
Density: 16/km2
Life expectancy: men 76, women 83
Currency: Euro
Largest cities:
Helsinki- 565, 911 citizens
Espoo- 247, 970 citizens
Tampere- 213, 217 citizens

Finland (Fin. Suomi)- a country located in Northern Europe at the Baltic Sea. It is bordered by Norway to the North, Russia to the East and Sweden to the West. The south border of Finland is outlined by the Gulf of Finland.

In 1917, after the collapse of the tsarist reign, Finland became an independent country.Except for the Lapland, Finland is a low-lying country. The average height is 152 meters above sea level. The highest mountain top is Halti (1328 meters above sea level) and the longest river is Kemi (600km). Dense forests (69%) and numerous lakes (10%) are Finland’s characteristic features.

The Continental climate makes the summer in Finland much warmer than in the other Nordic countries⃰. The average summer temperature reaches 20,5°C. During the Finnish summer the Sun does not set for over several dozens of days, this phenomenon is called White Nights. In winter the average temperature is -5,7°C in Helsinki and -20°C in Lapland.

Reindeers, mooses, brown bears and polar foxes are common in the northern territories of Finland. 
In the south we can come across measles, badgers and martens.
Since 2000 Finland is a republic. The President is elected for a six-year period of office. The executive power is held by the Government and the legislative one belongs to the Parliament (Eduskunta).

Finnish language has its source in the Finno-Ugric family of languages also represented by Estonian, Sami, Karelian and Hungarian. In 1858 Finnish became Finland’s official language.

Basic phrases:

Good morning- Hyvää päivää

Good evening- Hyvää iltaa

How are you?- Mitä kuuluu


Goodbye- Näkemiin

You’re welcome-Olkaa hyvä

Thank you- Kiitos

I’m sorry-Anteeksi

Yes- Kyllä


Cheers- Kippis

I don’t speak Finnish- En puhu suomea

What’s your name?- Kuka sinä olet?

Man/Woman- Mies/Naine

Where are you from?- Minkämaalainen sinä olet?

I come from Poland-Minä olen puolalainen

⃰The term Nordic Countries defines members of ‘Nordic Council’ which are Finland, Iceland and three 

Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, Sweden).

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